100% Recycled Mill

Liberty Paper is one of the largest recyclers of corrugated material in the Midwest! Our state-of-the-art mill manufactures new linerboard (paper) for packaging using a renewable resource (OCC).

Our 100% Recycled Paper Mill Improves Our Environment by Saving:

  • Over 97 Million kW hours of electricity
  •   Nearly 830,000 cubic yards of landfill space
  •  25 Million gallons of water
  •  250,000 Tons of green house gases
  •  Over 4.5 Million trees

Per Year!

Dedicated stewards of sustainable recycling
 A platform that enables growth and innovation

Developing sustainable solutions is a way of life at Liberty Packaging and Liberty Paper which drives our mission to improve the lives of our customers, suppliers, employees, the communities we serve and the surrounding environment. We do this by:
  • A commitment to 100% recycling
    Every year our recycling solutions makes 255,000 tons of container board (paper) from old corrugated boxes... a positive step toward reducing landfill waste!
  • Our environmentally-friendly mill continually uses and replaces paper supplies
    It's a state-of-the-art renewable resource facility that recycles paper to manufacture the boxes used by our nation's largest manufacturers.
  • Highly recoverable
    Corrugated has a 92.9% recycling rate, higher than any other material in the municipal waste stream.

250,000 Tons
of recycled corrugated each year

  275,000 Tons
renewable resources consumed

sustainable process

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