Environmental Sustainability

Founder Jack Fiterman started this company from humble beginnings, collecting used crates, boxes and bags in Minneapolis and refurbishing them. In a real sense, we have been recyclers since our inception. Our commitment to sustainable practices is not a new fad for Liberty Packaging; it is part of who we are.

The recycling loop:

Within our Paper and Packaging Group, our unique manufacturing loop promotes reuse and recycling.LPPSustainabilityCircle_Torch

  • At Liberty Packaging, we manufacture our corrugated boxes from recycled paper
  • At Liberty Paper, our Fibres team collects used corrugated boxes to recycle into paper. These collections sometimes include the same boxes that were manufactured by Liberty Packaging.
  • At Liberty Paper, we complete the cycle by using the recycled corrugate to make 100% recycled paper.

The LDI Paper and Packaging Group is committed to producing high quality products and conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner to minimize our environmental impact. LDI Paper and Packaging use the following strategies and principles to guide our environmental objectives and targets:

  • Comply with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements related to environmental aspects.
  • Conduct our operations in an environmentally sound manner and strive to prevent pollution.
  • Promote environmental responsibility among our employees.
  • Strive to ensure that our suppliers and subcontractors agree to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Pursue continual improvement in our environmental policies, practices, and impact to employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and the local community.
  • Apply the 7 R’s of Eco Friendly Sustainable Packaging in all our processes.
  1. Remove – Eliminate unnecessary material to reduce waste in our manufacturing process and in our customer’s packaging processes.
  2. Reduce – Reduce material usage while ensuring proper strength to meet our customers packaging needs.
  3. Reuse – Provide our customers product designs for reusable packaging where requested.
  4. Renewable – Use renewable and/or biodegradable resources throughout our facilities.
  5. Recycle – Use recycled materials in our processes and products without compromising safety, quality or customer requirements.
  6. Revenue – Provide cost effective Eco packaging solutions to our customers to help in serving their markets.
  7. Read – Provide continual education to ourselves, employees, suppliers, customers and community on how we can all support Eco sustainability.

Our efforts help keep over 250,000 tons of old corrugated containers out of the landfills each year.