Liberty Packaging Certifications

The ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems certification has been awarded for the following locations; Liberty Paper – Becker, MN, Liberty Packaging – Golden Valley, MN, Brooklyn Park, MN, Fort Worth, TX, and Mexicali, MX.  The AIB certification has been awarded to Liberty Packaging – Brooklyn Park, MN.

Quality Management Systems (ISO-9001)

Liberty Packaging ISO-9001 Certification Click Here for Certificate

An organization must identify and meet the needs and expectations of its customers and other stakeholders, and gain competitive advantage. One of the strategies used to achieve this goal is to continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes, products and service, and other capabilities.   ISO 9001 is a business tool that organizations use to achieve these strategies.  ISO 9001 provides a standard set of business practices to help a company achieve effectiveness and efficiency of its business operations.   The ISO 9001 standard has a list of specific requirements that must be met and followed in order for an organization to hold an ISO 9001 certification.  The organization must show that they are making a continual effort to maintain and improve their processes, products and services.

American Institute for Baking (AIB), Non-Contact Food Packaging

Liberty Packaging AIB Certification

American Institute for Baking (AIB) publishes Consolidated Standards for Non-contact Food Packaging.  All AIB food safety inspections are conducted according to these AIB International Consolidated Standards. The Standards include foundational elements from ISO, FDA, global regulatory agencies and a compilation of industry best practices, accumulated and refined over the years.   The Standards consist of five Categories for Inspection.   These are: Operational Methods and Personnel Practices, Maintenance for Food Safety, Cleaning Practices, Integrated Pest Management and Adequacy of Prerequisite Programs and Food Safety Programs.

Lean Six Sigma

Liberty Packaging utilizes Lean Six Sigma (LSS) as an overarching strategy to build a high performing organization that achieves operational excellence growth. This benefits our customers through quality improvements, faster turnaround times, and reduced waste resulting in cost savings.

Testing: Our quality lab performs various test to ensure your product meets all of your requirements and specifications.


Measures the thickness of corrugated material.

Component Test

Determines the paper combination (basis weight or grade) in combined corrugated board.

Cobb Test

Measures water absorption in corrugated board.

Compression Test

Measures the resistance of a shipping container to compressive forces. (top to bottom)

Edge Crush Test

Determines the edgewise compression strength, parallel to the flutes, of a short column of corrugated material.

Mullen Test

Used to measure the bursting strength of single wall and double wall corrugated material.

Pin Adhesion Test

Measures the force required to separate corrugated board between the flute tips of corrugated medium and its linerboard facings.

Ring Crush Test

Measures the compressive force exerted on a paper sample until specimen collapses.

* Not an Accredited Lab