Three Clues That You’re Working with a Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer

August 9, 2017

Finding a quality corrugated box manufacturer is essential for retailers and vendors. A corrugated box does more than just hold an item; the box creates a sense of brand identity and protects the product from harm during every step it takes from the manufacturing plant to your customer’s hands. Here are a few simple ways to distinguish the reliable, reputable, and skilled corrugated box manufacturers from the bad ones that will fail to live up to your expectations.


Clue #1 – A Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer Has A Logical Process

Any reputable company will have its workflow processes down, so it is a good idea to get to know your manufacturer’s typical processes. In addition to information about designing, ordering, and receiving your boxes, you should also be able to request information about your manufacturer’s maintenance processes if you desire. About production, find a corrugator that can create B, C, and Super A flutes as well as single or double wells allowing them to meet your structural specifications. Find a corrugator that has an eye on sustainability and can redesign their packaging to reduce waste or invest in recycling. It can save your company money and help your company go green simultaneously.


Clue #2 – A Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer Has Answers to Your Questions

When working with a new box manufacturer, you will likely have many questions about their process and what to expect. A quality manufacturer will provide detailed information, whether you prefer to contact them via email, live chat, telephone, or standard mail. Make sure the company you choose makes you, the customer, their priority. Make sure your corrugated box manufacturer will do everything they can to meet your needs and resolve any issues you are facing with contract fulfillment, distribution, or packaging.


Clue #3 – A Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer Has Fair Prices and a Variety of Services

In addition to providing answers to all your questions, a quality manufacturer should provide a no-obligation quote for the job you have requested. Whether you are looking for something custom or turnkey, a quality corrugated box manufacturer needs to be able to meet your needs. Look for creative custom packaging and quality order fulfillment services. Settle for a company that prioritizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness while providing you the flexible and scalable services you need. Your manufacturer should be willing and able to accommodate your requirements whether you are a small, specialized company or a full-service partner. Variance from client to client should be something they are fully equipped to handle.


Even though ordering corrugated boxes may seem like a small detail, remember that this is much more than just a box. It is brand identity. It is a safeguard for your products. Let a Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer like Liberty Carton help you get it right.

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