5 Display Point of Purchase Trends to Consider

June 24, 2017

POP Trend #1: Have stopping power.

Bold colors and unique display shapes and sizes stand out on the shelf and in the aisles. Be selective in color choice so that you communicate the proper vibe. For example, warm colors trigger impulse and cool colors trigger a healthy feeling. Curved shapes are proven to generate more sales lift, especially in the beauty category.

POP Trend #2: Be creative inside the box.

Designing appropriate display footprints for your promotion scope and the allotted store space will ensure the best possible display compliance. Consider creating shop-able displays with easy access to the product and make it easy to re-stock merchandise. These displays could even simulate what it would be like to use or consume the product, illustrate the results or benefits and make it aspirational.

POP Trend #3: Be relatable.

Tell your brand’s story. Doing this can create emotion that makes your brand the hero and makes shoppers crave your item. Remember that people relate to people, so make people or character’s faces the center of the display. Make knowing your target consumer a priority and customize your POP to be relevant to them. What resonates with shoppers in one demographic location may not with another.

POP Trend #4: Have a clear message.

Keep messages simple with just a few solid points (5 to 7 words) that best describe the reason they need this product. Today’s shoppers are typically armed with more pre-purchase information before they hit the store aisles, making it unnecessary to include every product feature.

POP Trend #5: Don’t forget location.

The placement in the store matters. You could have the greatest In-Store Marketing Campaign in your brand’s history, but if no one ever sees it how would you know? Endcap displays are proven to have the most sales lift by display type. Use them to cross-sell and preview what shoppers will find down the aisle. Don’t forget to be sure your logo is well placed within the display either.

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