How to Boost your Brand Experience with Custom Packaging

May 8, 2017

It’s no secret that consumers rely heavily upon online shopping. Ecommerce is booming and is projected to continue in it’s heyday as shoppers take to their smartphones to research and buy many of the items that outfit their lives. As a company that sells goods, it’s imperative that you adjust and realign your focus to appeal to internet shopping. You’ve likely already done this. Your next consideration to make is that of your packaging: what’s the impact your goods are making when they arrive at your consumer’s doorstep? With customized packaging solutions, you can make yourself stand out from the commonplace brown boxes lining front porches.

So how can you set yourself apart? What can you do to make the experience your buyer has with your product one that’s memorable and worth coming back to? Read on for some tips from the customized packing solutions experts.

Skin Deep

We all know beauty is more than skin deep, but when it comes to your packaging, you want the exterior to be a proud display of your branding. Make your packages obvious so that consumers know what they’re opening–this creates an experience of anticipation and excitement.

What’s Inside

When you’re considering how to package your product, you’ve likely got multiple angles to plan for: you want to keep the product intact, protected, and in perfect condition when it reaches your consumer’s hands. At the same time, it’s important to capitalize on efficiency. What we mean here is to keep packaging materials at a minimum (so that you’re not shipping air) to decrease costs and waste. Properly engineered packaging will provide excellent product protection while also intelligently making use of resources by using as little of them as possible.

Common Threads

Customized packaging solutions allow you to do some pretty incredible things with your packaging, and one of them is representing your brand throughout the package. Keep everything cohesive and representative of the feel you’re trying to convey to your audience while making your name and branding memorable and likable.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Set yourself apart from the average packages regularly being delivered to your consumers’ doorsteps. Make your product something they look forward to, not only because of the product itself, but because of the experience of breaking into the packaging and experiencing the event of “opening day”.

For professional customized packaging solutions perfectly and carefully suited to you and your branding, contact Liberty Carton today. Our innovative team will work alongside of you to create a truly memorable delivery experience for your consumers.

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